The Story of Job

Job Grab

What a wonderful day of worship at North Side!  I got the incredible privilege to preach to finish up our 2-week series, “Through the Storms.”  Ken Petrus did such a fantastic job sharing his heart last week, and it is an honor to follow his lead!

During his message last Sunday, I felt the direction to go in a different path than previously scripted.  I feel like the Holy Spirit was guiding me to preach through the entire Book of Job.

From the perspective of Job.

I went into character for the message today.  I even grew a beard for this message (that’s commitment ;))!  I tried to convey what it’s like when you go through a storm and want to ask God why you are in it.  Then, what it is like when he actually responds.  As I traveled through the book, we would put up key scriptures to keep people moving along.  At the end when God finally speaks, we used some really neat pictures of God’s creation to drive home the truth that God is in control.  The band went right into “Indescribable,” which much of the imagery there comes straight out of Job 38-42.

Today, we worshiped to:

The band did a great job with leading worship.  The video, prayer times, etc. flowed so well together.  I really felt like the whole service told one story versus 7 isolated elements.

I pray that the message connected today.  I was very encouraged from the feedback after the services with those who really learned a lot or trusted a lot to see God in the midst of the storms.  Praying that this unique telling of Job will cause you to stop asking why the storms are in your life and instead just focus on who God is.

.Through the Storms Screen