Summer Discipleship

Summer Discipleship

When you are still in school, summer can be a great gift for relaxation and, unfortunately, a great divergence for spiritual formation.

During the summer months, you have more time than ever to read the Bible, pray, and serve, but sometimes, that freedom can lead to laziness and apathy.

I’m hoping to help that for some of you.

At North Side, we are going to lead summer discipleship groups for college students and upper high school students (rising 11th graders and older).  It will be 85 days of intentionality.  This time will be spent growing in Christ.  Based around small groups, there will be a personalized list of steps for you to take during the summer for spiritual growth.

We will meet as a large group 3 times during the summer, but most of the work will be done on an individual or small group level.

Here’s how you get started: we will have our first meeting on Wednesday, June 5th at 8pm at the Agnew house.  Bring your Bible and a pen, and we will get you going in a pretty special way.  If you have any questions, please contact me.