The Membership of the Church


What a special day to be a part of North Side!  Our service started out with the band leading and then we got the joy to pass the microphones over to Point of Grace’s Leigh Cappillino and her husband, Dana, and their daughter, Darby.  I tried to give them some band names for the day but they never stuck (The VonCapps, The Flying Cappilinos, The Cappillino 3, Leigh & the Cappillinos).

Jo Anne Reinhardt gave a great testimony about giving or going to Shake-n-Shine this year, a great church membership testimony from Terri Budreau, and then we got to hear a fantabulous message on church membership.

Leigh Cappillino sang with the Parlers and Kennerlys in college at Charleston Southern and have remained friends since then.  They were nearby visiting family and were gracious enough to pop in and sing for us this morning.  What I love about this family is how real they are.  With all the success Leigh and Point of Grace has had over the years, they are so grounded, humble, and genuine.  And in addition to their character, they are phenomenal musicians!  They did such a great job!

Today, we worshiped to:

Jeff’s message on membership was incredible.  He covered what a church is supposed to be and even talked about biblical authority concerning leadership should look like.  I loved his analogy that he has been a member of 3 things while in Greenwood – his family, the YMCA, and North Side.  He said we can often treat church membership like a YMCA membership.  Pay your dues and do what benefits you and when it benefits you.  But a church ought to be more like a family where you give your life away rather than take what benefits you.  So, so good.

Great day to be the church!