Simon Says Parenting


Whether they are board games or video games, children can easily latch onto a favorite activity in which to play with others.  One of the enduring games over the years has been “Simon Says.”  This copycat game has a catch that usually tricks players into doing something they are not supposed to do.  If the leader of the game doesn’t start the instructions with the phrase, “Simon Says,” you are not supposed to do the action.

Why this game frustrates people so much is that we are prone to do what we see more often than what we hear.

As players around you begin to do the action – even if the leader hasn’t said “Simon Says” – it is difficult to refrain from doing the same motion as well.  Even if the instructions are otherwise, oftentimes, we repeat what we see.

That’s why a parent’s personal relationship with the Lord is so vital to a child’s spiritual health.

It’s a serious responsibility.  No matter what you tell them, your children will be tempted to follow your example even if it contradicts what you teach them.

Your children will learn more by how you live than by what you say.

What are your children learning today?