The Missionary of the Church


It was such a great day today to BE THE CHURCH.  We have partnered with a fantastic missionary family in Africa for almost 2 years now, and they were finally able to join us in person today!  Greg preached an incredible sermon on the reason our church partners with places that are hard to reach, dangerous to reach.  Sharing from the Word and personal testimony about their work among the Hausa people of West Africa was incredible.

Our worship time focused upon the praise of the nations.  We focused on our response to take the gospel.  We won’t relent until every nation has heard the gospel.  It was a gospel-saturated, nation-focused worship time bent on the glory of God.  Loved it.

Today, we worshiped to:

We also spent some time praying for North Siders who are taking the gospel to the nations this summer.  14 different individuals or groups were lifted up individually by intercessors.  It was great joining the work all around the globe this morning.  It was also great to hear a video testimony from the Hills serving in Ghana and Lee Salisbury in the Philippines.

No matter the cost, I’ll take up my cross, I will not turn away.