Church Staff Reality TV Show

8dd047dd61b832392e Being on a church staff is not exactly what you think it would be.  Unless you have been a part of one, you can’t really appreciate the randomness that can happen in a week.

Sure there are the tasks that you might expect, but then there are the things they don’t train you for in seminary.  In my first 10 years of ministry on a church staff, I wish I would had been trained how to subdue a violent person, unload a handgun, helping someone who is confident their house is haunted, confront someone siphoning gas from the church parking lot, minister to someone in Jesus name who thinks he is Jesus, bats swooping down on people in worship, how to keep a straight face when people high on medication try to explain why they are in the hospital, and the regular weekly stuff like that.

So, I had this idea.  It’s a great idea even though it will never work.  Wouldn’t you love to see a church staff reality TV show?

It would be something like Duck Dynasty meets Intervention meets Hoarders meets the Biggest Loser.  You take a random staff like ours and it would be memorable every week.  It might even allow people to see within the dynamics of a church.

It would be hilarious.  It would be overwhelming at times.  It would definitely be something you would set to record.  But since most of our issues would have to have faces or voices blurred out, it probably wouldn’t make for good TV.

Ministry is random at times.  Lots of times.  The stuff that a church staff deals with weekly couldn’t be made up if you wanted to.  And yet, I will still follow Jesus anywhere, no matter the roughness (or randomness) of the road.

Hey, Jack.