The Discipleship of the Church


We had one of those days at North Side where you weren’t sure if the roof was gonna come off or Jesus was gonna come down!  I love worshiping with our family when we get after it like that.  I loved the diversity in our worship today and the intensity at every corner.  Our worship team works so hard to lead people to Jesus each week and I am so honored to lead beside them!  Today was simply a joy.

The above picture was my personal prayer focus for the day.  We took time and prayed specifically for military chaplains serving today.  As I was going through the prayer cards, I found one for a college friend, Jason Sluder.  It was great to be able to pray for him and the other chaplains today with our Be the Church highlight.  Such an honor to help support this ministry through our offerings each week!

Today, we worshiped to:

Jeff’s message on discipleship was incredible.  A disciple is someone who loves Jesus, learns His teachings, lives them out, and leads others to do the same.  Our way we gauge success is how many disciple-makers we are seeing rise up in our church.  I am amazed at how lives are changing around here and how so many are taking the commission so seriously.