Papa Joe Bradford and the Unity Choir

The Greenwood Family YMCA High Hopes Program in partnership with North Side Baptist Church’s Project Love, is thrilled to announce that Papa Joe Bradford and the Unity Choir will be in Greenwood on Friday, August 2nd to perform and worship with all of us! The event will be held at North Side Baptist Church at 7:00 pm.

Papa Joe holds the rare honor of having his triumphant life story inspire a major motion picture,Unconditional. Joe Bradford is one of the country’s most respected leaders and advocates for at-risk and fatherless children. As an author, co-producer, teacher, speaker, and program developer he serves through his unique ability to unite teams for active service and love to the least fortunate. He is known as “Papa Joe” in all circles of influence he touches.

“I was so touched by Joe’s story and by the youth choir,” stated YMCA’s CEO Gray Stallworth after seeing Joe and the Unity Choir at an event near Nashville, TN.

“I felt the Holy Spirit like I’ve never felt it before. I knew then that I wanted to invite Papa Joe to Greenwood.” In a recent conference call with Bradford, Stallworth worked on details of the event. “We are expecting about 50 youth and chaperones to visit with us,” he added.

Project Love of North Side Baptist Church and the High Hopes Program of the YMCA work with high risk youth in Greenwood.

We would love for you to make plans to attend this special event with Papa Joe Bradford and the children’s Unity Choir.

You can get more info here.