Christian Break-Up Lines

A few months ago, I wrote a post concerning Christian Pick-Up Lines.  Since that time, I received some other lines from readers and updated the post.  It was full of over-spiritualized sentiments of why two believers should be dating.

Maybe the lines worked for you.  You got a date, but you now find yourself like someone I went to college with who thought it was God’s will to date and then later it was God’s will not to date that same person (which I said either God is schizophrenic or you are taking God’s name in vain – he didn’t like that too much).

If they worked and you now find yourself in a position where the relationship needs to end, but you don’t know how to break it to them spiritually.  No worries, I have collected a list of Christian Break-Up Lines.

Here they are:

  1. “I’m sorry, I’ve found someone more spiritual.”
  2. “I’m sorry, it’s just not God’s will.”
  3. “I feel called to the mission field.  As far away from you and as soon as possible.”
  4. “It could never work.  I’m Arminian and you’re Calvinist.  It’s like I chose you, but God chose me for you.  It’s like you have no will in this relationship at all.”
  5. “God loves me and has a better plan for my life.”
  6. “You know, I feel like I’m dating my brother.”
  7. “You’re just not evangelical enough.”
  8. “I really want to get out of my comfort zone.”
  9. “At least I got a lot out of our Bible studies together.”
  10. “You need someone with lower standards.”
  11. “There’s always Christian Mingle.”
  12. “I think we should just be prayer partners.”
  13. “It’s not you, it’s Jesus.”
  14. “I do love you, but it’s only an agape type of love right now.”
  15. “I’ve decided to try celibacy for a while.”
  16. “Last night, it got a little too secular for me.”
  17. “At the rate I’m growing spiritually, you’ll never be able to catch up.”

Any to add to the list?

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  1. True story. “I love you but I love God more and living in sin is nor his plan for my life. I need a husband who will be the leader of our home and put God first”. After 11 years we are married, living separately, and waiting on the closing of our home. God is great and always on time.

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