1 Peter Worship Album

I’m excited to share with you a new project for North Side Worship.  We are writing an album based upon 1 Peter.

Our church is going through a study of 1 Peter.  It is entitled “Stand Firm.”  We started it last Sunday, and if calculations are correct, we will be finishing the end of January 2014.  The book is all about standing firm as believers during difficult times.  It’s a pretty timely message these days.

Since we would be spending so much time in this book, we wanted to cement these biblical truths in the ears of our church.  Ever since we started focusing on discipling people through worship, we have been amazed at how people are growing through this ministry.

Our band got together and studied 1 Peter one day intensively.  We studied and we studied.  After really understanding it as a book, we then broke it down into about 12 songs that we wanted to write.  That day we started on some of them.  We have a goal of about 4 songs a month.  We have 4 complete, and we are in the process of the next 4 as we speak.  We hope to finish all the songs by the beginning of October.


As of right now, the first 4 songs are some of my favorite the band has ever written.  The whole feel of the album will be intentionally organic.  Due to the subject material, we want to write stuff that sounds more like a singing in a circle in a home than a group on a stage.

The first 4 songs were probably the easiest content wise.  We are now working on worship songs that talk about the spousal relationships.  They are coming together, but this is very different than anything we have done to this point.

We also do plan to do some special events where we worship through the book, but it’s gonna be different than other things we have done before.  God has brought some stuff together that is pretty special and unique.

This Sunday, we will be leading the first song off of the project entitled “Living Hope.”  The song comes from 1 Peter 1:3-12, and there is a ton to cover in this song!  We pray that this song will keep the biblical truth stuck in your head and penetrating your heart.

Stand firm, North Side.

5 thoughts on “1 Peter Worship Album”

  1. Travis,
    Not sure where to begin so I guess I will begin with some context. I am a 43 yr old father of four who is a campus pastor in FL. I was exposed to music at an early age so I am probably more involved in the music portion of our worship than my music worship leader is comfortable with but he sent me a link to your blog which started all of this. I don’t blog, read blogs, and have never left a comment on anything. However, after reading this I had to stop and say (with broken finger) THANK YOU! For two things specifically: 1. Writing a song that follows a book of the Bible. I don’t care how it ultimately turns out keep doing this. I have been longing for this to happen for a while and so it is a great encouragement to see this. I hope there are 66 albums when all is said and done. 2: It is so great to hear a young leader talk about the first use of music in the service. Yes music inspires, yes music tears down walls but it is first to teach us about God. I clicked the link to “discipleship through worship” and loved this line: “Our worship should be so biblical and so memorable that it makes theology more portable”. Yes!!!!!!!! So thank you and keep it up. You are refreshing wind in a desert of me centered, entertainment driven, watered down, “worship” (obviously speaking broadly here).

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