Trial by Fire

On a Labor Day weekend with a bunch of college football enthusiasts up late last night, I was concerned at the energy level of everyone this morning.  I should have never worried.  It was such a great day with some genuine, engaged worshipers.

We started our services with family dedications and it was such a special time as always.  We also watched a video on persecuted Christians from around the world.  This served to guide our prayer time and it also always helps to worship with the big “C” Church in mind.

Today, we worshiped to:


As we finished the second set of music, there was a lot of raw emotion in the room.  Singing “it is well” despite circumstances is a tough deliberate decision to make, but it is so powerful when people do.

Jeff’s message was a powerful reminder that God has deemed it necessary to put pain in our life for His glory.  He is concerned with our soul and not our comforts.  We are called to endure.  Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, we can stand firm.