Epworth Night of Worship


On this Monday, I am joyfully exhausted.  We have been praying, studying, planning, rehearsing for months now for Saturday’s night event.  And yet, once it happened, it reminded me of how much more than an event this turned out to be.

Our worship team was able to be a part of discipleship through worship.  We were using songs to teach God’s Words to others (Col. 3:16).  There’s simply too much to say, so I will try to be brief:

  • Live recording from Saturday will be available Jan. 26th.  We got a great recording from Saturday night at Epworth.  I listened to some of it late that night and heard a few hundred folks singing songs in a barn/chapel that they had never heard and it sounded just fantastic.  On Sunday, Jan. 26th, we will sing through all the songs again just this time we will do it inside at North Side.  We will have CDs available that day as we recap through 1 Peter by reading it and singing through it.  Mark it on your calendars!
  • Short videos coming soon.  We did video the entire night.  We are not going to do a full-length DVD like “Knowing Jesus,” but we do have some special recaps and song videos coming.
  • Singing these songs in the meantime.  Leading up to the release, we will use these songs as we get to the different Scripture passages.  This Sunday, we are studying 1 Peter 3:1-7 and so we will sing “Without a Word” which was the “wife song” from the night and boy, have I heard some incredible encouragement from that song alone concerning not only how it sounded but how it challenged.  I’m so excited we get to share these along the way!
  • I don’t deserve to serve with this worship team.  I am surrounded by some of the most godly and gifted folks ever.  Those that serve on music, tech, and host teams blow me away every time we do something like this.  I keep thinking they are going to wise up and kick me out realizing that I am the weakest link.  Their heart and servitude is something I wish everyone could watch off the stage.  You see and hear them on the stage and are impressed.  You should be.  But if you really saw how serious these folks take this in preparation and how legit they are, you would be astounded.  I love, love, love these folks.  They are family.
  • Thank you for those who supported.  By either braving the cold and worshiping with us, or being a part of the gracious Epworth community, I can’t say thanks enough.  I am very humbled to watch God at work among us and happy to be a small part of it.

O gracious God, you have called us to behold Christ’s glory.  Come restore, confirm, come and strengthen.  Establish us for eternity.


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