A Word to Wives


Such a specific day at North Side.

What I mean by that is oftentimes you can leave from a gathering and unable to sum up what the point was.  Today, it was very clear: wives need to live for Jesus in front of their husbands to bring them closer to Jesus.

Mama Barnes and the Faith Home did a fantastic job leading us in worship.  Carrying on her husband’s ministry years after her death was such a special way that God aligned the service for today.

In addition to their wonderful leading, we also did a women’s ministry plug.  Jeff gave a fantastic message on what 1 Peter 3:1-6 looks like (not leading, preaching, or nagging).  It looks like a woman loving Jesus and that being seen in the home.

After the message, we were able to lead the song “Without a Word” from our “Stand Firm” project.  While we worked hard to write that song from the passage, it was incredible listening to Jeff’s message on how all these key points are sung in the song (“I want to see a change in you…work on what you see…precious in the sight of God…without a word…want to be holy…my hope is in our God”).

Angela, Amanda, and Laura did a great job leading that song.  I have heard so many positive words from the song and it was a very intense moment in the room.  God is moving among us and I truly believe in the homes tonight.

If more interested in hearing the song or listening to the message, you can check it out here.