Know Your Wife

Special day today.

I loved watching God at work impacting homes. We focused on 1 Peter 3:7 today. One verse drove our services. It all focused on how husbands are called to live with their wives.

As we focused on a time of worship geared on our thankfulness to God, it was great to hear our church express gratitude towards Jesus for the blessings here and the ones to come.

It was a great time of prayer for our church and the impact we can have on families.

I loved the video to help steer hearts towards the topic of the day as we discussed “Romantically Challenged” men.

We sang “Your Home” before the message.  I had written this song when my first son Obadiah was born.  When a group of North Side children came out to sing the rest of the song, the impact was noticeable in the room.  When elementary aged children sang, “make our home Your home,” it was breathtaking and humbling all at the same time.

Jeff’s message was some of the best marriage advice anyone could ever receive.  You need to watch it.

We ended up the service with “I Will Honor You” from the upcoming “Stand Firm” project.  It was powerful to sing the truths from 1 Peter over the people today.

I just pray that the truths we discussed this morning or being lived out tonight.

Worship Music