Getting Ready for the Pain


I love celebrating Jesus with our church family.

Today was a rainy Sunday before Christmas and yet the house was full of joy!

Each Sunday this month we have started our services with some type of instrumental piece.  Today, we started with a flute choir and they did fantastic.  Led by Leah Wilson, we had five ladies who played, and I was asked by someone in the church, “Where is the flute group from?”  Not out of town, not even out of church.  Leah just gathered these ladies together.  It was incredible.

After hearing a great report from the Project Love Christmas Bash, we had a great time of worship.  We started with “Joy to the World” and “Gloria.”  I loved how all the music we have been doing is from a North Side Worship recording.  You can get your copies of the songs below.

We then watched a great nativity video and heard a wonderful spoken word from Tammy Haynes on “The Reason for the Season.”


One thing I have loved about this month of worship services is how we have celebrated diversity.  From Trans Siberian Orchestra to bluegrass to flute choir to piano ensembles to a cappella, we’ve had about every possible genre you can imagine.  We don’t condemn diversity, we celebrate it!

After Tammy finished her spoken word, we went right into the Woody Nivens’ original, “What, Then, is Christmas?” and “Gesu Bambino.”

Jeff’s message was great.  He was asked if he was going to preach from 1 Peter or do a Christmas message.  His answer: “Yes.”  Christmas is all about glory coming from suffering.  His message was great, but his description of the Christmas story under the backdrop of suffering was such a great reminder of the beauty of Jesus’ incarnation.

Just a reminder: Christmas Eve service is Tuesday at 5:30, communion at 5.  Hope to see you there!

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