Shepherding the Flock


Such a great way to start 2014.

Loved hearing the rowdy worshipers get after it at first during “How Great Thou Art” and “We Rejoice.”

After that Lacy Little interviewed Stacie K. about her upcoming work in South Asia.  Stacie was a part of North Side during her time at Lander.  It was so great to hear how God used her time in college to prepare her for this mission work.  North Side is partnering with her through prayer and will continually give updates.


As she concluded her testimony, we sang “I Will Follow.”  It served to voice her willingness to go to the nations and also set up the message for the day on God calling people into service.

Jeff’s message on eldership was incredible.  He talked about what it meant to shepherd the flock.

“I am concerned with a growing trend I see in America…you can’t shepherd a flock behind closed doors.  Pastors need to be accessible.”

I have watched this man have an open door policy at our church.  As our church has continued to grow to over 1800 members, he is always accessible and have led the other elders to be the same.

One great thing he pointed out was a confession of his.  For most of his ministry he stated that he did church programming geared towards the vacant chairs versus the filled chairs.  He was more concerned with how to fill a room than what to do with those already in the room.  While churches must be evangelistic, God’s Word commands elders (pastors, shepherds, overseers) to shepherd the flock – take care of those already in the church.  If you invest in them, they will win the lost – not church programming.

Not only was the message a great way to keep our current elders accountable, but it was a great call for more men to accept the call of elders.

After the message, I sang the song “Shepherd the Flock” that we wrote for this series.

Today, we worshiped to:

  • How Great Thou Art – North Side Worship
  • We Rejoice – North Side Worship
  • I Will Follow – North Side Worship
  • Shepherd the Flock – North Side Worship