Hole Shoe

My precious daughter, Gloria, has been adding to her vocabulary every day. One of her favorite sayings is “hole shoe.”

I know we will have to start correcting her pronunciations, but that can wait.  When she verbalizes, “hole shoe,” she is asking to be held.  The way she enunciates it as a question is hilarious.  “Hold you?” she pleads.

Arms stuck out, turned sideways, eyes piercing to your soul, said in the cutest voice ever.  I’ve tried to get her to hold me but it hasn’t worked yet. How could you not hold that precious little girl? Some of my other favorite phrases are:

  • “Zit down, pay kichen” (sit down, play kitchen).
  • “M’ere Daddy” (come here, Daddy).
  • “M’on Obi” (come on, Obie).
  •  “Top E-ya” (stop, Eli).
  • “Knack peas” (snack, please).
  • “Ma-ma!  Ma-ma!” (Mama, Mama).
  • “Are ee, bubba” (sorry, Bubba).

One of the things that I noticed about so many of her comments: she wants to be close. Inside her little frame, she wants her family close.  She doesn’t want them far away.  She doesn’t want to be isolated.  Deep down, she wants to be connected.

It’s a plea for someone to stop and notice her.  It’s a reminder to put down the mobile device and choose her over work.  It’s a chance to do something that no one recognizes except for her and God.

It’s a reminder that these years are fleeting and these opportunities to “hole shoe” will not be forever. Parents, don’t miss the opportunity today.