Standing Firm Together


We stand best when we stand on the truth and we stand together.

Today was the final sermon from 1 Peter.  Spending six months in that book has been incredible – so much I am still processing.  It couldn’t have been a more timely message series for our congregation.

I got the privilege of praying over this service and planning for it, but I wasn’t in attendance.  I got the privilege of preaching and leading worship with a sister church, South Main Baptist Church.  While I loved being them, I still missed being with the North Side family.

I am thankful I can watch the service.  I have heard some incredible comments about the worship time and about the preaching time (something about “Humpty Dumpty” keeps getting repeated – interested to hear this one).  Thankful to have a team that doesn’t miss a beat when I am gone.

Next week we are going to have an incredible recap service.  We are going to let the Word be the Word and worship through the book.  We will be releasing the “Stand Firm” album as well.  Hope you can join us!

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