False Prophets


Powerful and sobering day at North Side.  We focused on 2 Peter 2:1-3 concerning the topic of “False Prophets.”

We are warned to beware of those among us who distort and twist the truth of God for their own advantage.

To begin our time, we focused on the words of Psalm 100 before singing “Enter His Gates” and “Sing and Shout.”

For our offering time we focused on a video with the message from Psalm 103.  After the video, I shared how Christ comes and takes us as sinners and begins to clean us up.  Ted was playing a set of drums (and yes, we had 2 kits going today) that had been taken from the dump and cleaned up, and doesn’t that sound so much like us?  Christ takes us the way we are and brings us home, but he begins to work on us.

We then sang “Majesty,” “Crown Him (Majesty),” and “Future/Past.”  These songs were intended to display Christ as majestic so that we could focus so much on him that when the lies come our way, we can tell the difference.  He is majestic, holy and pure.

Jeff’s message on false prophets was sobering.

[Tweet “Whoever has your ear will eventually have your heart.”]

“Whoever has your ear will eventually have your heart.”  False prophets come from within the church and slowly lead people away from the truth.  In our culture today, people are getting looser and looser when it comes to the area of sensuality and sexuality.  The carefree attitude about sexual sins is creeping into the church.

We live in a time when people stand in pulpits in the name of Jesus and want people to receive a Savior without submitting to a Master.  Peter would say these are false prophets.  We must stand on the entirety of the truth of God’s Word.  I was so thankful for a pastor who spoke the truth and yet spoke it in love.

“Everyone wants a Savior, but nobody wants a Master.”

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