The Truth About False Teachers – Part 2


Special day.  In our attempt to be faithful to 2 Peter and in our desire to protect the flock, we have been digging in deep concerning false teachers.

We started our services today by singing “He Is Exalted” and “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.”

After this opening time, we huddled up in smaller groups for a special time of prayer.  We didn’t ask for anything this morning, we just let these be prayers of thanksgiving for who Jesus is and all that he has done.  My favorite sound when our church gathers is prayers of the saints filling up the room.  I love these times of prayer!

After that prayer time, our choir continued to lead in worship with “Knowing You” and “O the Blood.”  Powerful time as voices lifted up in worship.

Jeff did such a great job of protecting the flock today.  He warned against teaching that would lead us to neglect the gospel for a message that addresses felt needs.

One of the best lines of the message: “If we truly believe that with Jesus we will never thirst again, why do we spend so much time at empty wells?”

[Tweet “If we believe that with Jesus we’ll never thirst again, why do we spend so much time at empty wells?”]

We ended our time of worship by singing “Give Us Clean Hands.”

Tonight, I got the ability to teach our students’ apologetics class, the NSU New Testament class, and then lead my discipleship group.  What a great day to be a part of what God is doing!

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