What Jesus Didn’t Die For

What a special Sunday morning!  We were blessed to have the Erskine Gospel Choir lead us in worship this Sunday.  Tobe Frierson and this great group of students always do such a great job of bring energy and passion when the come.  Since gospel music is really my favorite genre, and I would say that bass is my primary instrument, I asked if they needed a bass player to sit in, and they were gracious enough to let me join them for this Sunday.  Such a treat!

They led “You Are Good,” “Freedom,” “Nothing Without You,” and “Break Every Chain.”  All the lead vocalists did such a great job and I loved watching our church sing along even on songs they had never heard before – it was great!

I got the privilege to preach this morning.  In this 3-week series around Easter, we are focusing on Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return.  The more I studied and prayed, the more I felt the need to go to Romans 6 and talk about the implications of Jesus’ death for the believer.  The focus of the message was that Jesus didn’t die so that we could continue in sin.  He died to pay for our sins, and to forgive us our sins, but he did not die to give us a free pass to continue in sin.

I prayed hard concerning what to say and what not to say.  I pray that it was theological and practical.  I want our church to understand the orthodoxy and the orthopraxy.  I pray that God will birth in you a desire to fight sin and fight it relentlessly.

If you didn’t get to join us today, you can watch it below.

Just a reminder – we would love to see you at “Knowing Jesus” Friday night at 7PM.  It’s going to a special Good Friday service!

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