What We Are Not Doing This Easter

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get a read on Jeff’s Easter message and asked him, “Is there anything unique or special that you want me to do for our Easter services?”

Jeff replied, “What we do every week is unique and special: we let the Word drive our services and lift Jesus up.  Do that.  If we have visitors, let them experience what we experience every week.”

Can do, boss man, can do.

It’s such a freeing thing as a Worship Pastor that I don’t need to meet or exceed any expectations other than that one.  Let the Word drive our time together and lift Jesus up.

So, if you come to North Side tomorrow, I want to warn you: it’s not really going to be that different from any other Sunday.

Every Sunday we gather together and celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive.  Every Sunday we expect Jesus to do mighty things in our midst.  Every Sunday we guide our time together by the Word of God and believe wholeheartedly that he is going to speak and lives are going to change.

We are not going to try to bait people to come back next week.  If their lives are changed, they will be back.

We are not going to try to play to their felt needs.  Their felt needs are what is getting them in trouble in the first place.

We are not going to try to “top last year.”  We want you walking away in awe of Jesus and not want some singers, media, and a man with a microphone can do.

So, if you don’t have a church home, we would love to have you at North Side Baptist tomorrow.  You can come at 9:30 or 11.  Or both (that happens).

Be warned: we will get rowdy, but not because it is Easter Sunday, it’s because we still haven’t gotten over the first Easter Sunday.