A New Life

Happy Easter!  Jesus is risen indeed!

Coming off of a great Good Friday service, we had two incredible morning services today.  Both services were full of eager worshipers celebrating Jesus.  Jeff had mentioned how we weren’t going to do anything unique today, but just what we do every week – let the Word guide us and lift Jesus up.  And that’s what we did!

We began our services with baptism.  After celebrating those taking this step of obedience, we sang “Risen.”  While Ted normally sings this song at our church, his family was out-of-town this weekend and allowed us to do something we wanted to know with some of the “Knowing Jesus” music – put a fresh approach on it.  We took the key from D to G, and we let the women sing it this morning and on Friday night.  They nailed it!  Hey, the women were the first at the tomb anyway!

After that, we sang “Christ is Risen.”  We had a prayer time and then showed a great video by Dan Stevens called “Son of Man.”  After that, we introduced a new Kari Jobe song called “Forever” (a song that has one of the best lines in it – “O, death where is your sting?  Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated!”) and finished up with “Because He Lives.”  The church was singing out this morning!

Jeff’s message on Romans 6:1-4 was great.  We are called to have a new life.  His resurrection means we should have a new life.  At the end of his message, I loved the invitation.  In two full services, he put his email address and phone number up (and then he gave mine as well and others on staff).  He was worried that people would say a prayer or raise a hand and he not have a chance to really talk with each individual person.  So instead of a mass appeal, he told anyone who wanted to talk about salvation to contact him directly.  He doesn’t want to give anyone false assurance.  I love my pastor!

We ended our services with “In Christ Alone,” and I thought the roof was going to come off the place!  Such sheer joy and focused worship – I am honored to be a part of what Jesus is doing in this church!

For those who visited, Jeff was right – what you experienced today is what you will experience every Sunday.  We are going to make a big deal about Jesus!  When you have something as good as Jesus to celebrate, you don’t go all out only once a year!  Next week, we continue our series “Jesus Saves” as we talk about when Jesus returns.  We would love to have you worship with us!

He is risen indeed!


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