Worshiping Between Sundays

Today was our second week in the series “Between Sundays,” and this week, we focused on worship.

In the same way church is not limited to space and time, so is worship. Worship is what we do because of what we value. We worship every day. What we worship is always value driven.

We began our time by celebrating family dedications.  In both services, we had families on this Mother’s Day dedicate their homes to raise their children with the gospel.  Precious, wonderful time together.

The worship service was planned with utilizing a diverse group of worship music to show how genre isn’t important.  We started with a cappella, went to bluegrass, then to gospel, and a few other stops along the way.

IMG_1267We started with “Brethren We Have Met to Worship” and “In the Sanctuary.”  I loved the energy in both songs and the way the church responded to songs that are about as polar opposite in style as possible.

After some video announcements, I explained the difference of instruments in Psalm 150 – regal instruments and common instruments and how all were used for worship to God.  We then led a song we composed from that psalm entitled “Psalm 150” where we begin playing each instrument as it is mentioned.  It is one of my favorite songs we ever worked on due to the level of thought that went into its creation.  We then sang “Enter His Gates” from Psalm 100.

In addition to guitar, I played a piece of floor today.  We got a choir riser and put microphones under it so I can do some foot stomping on a few songs.  My boys looked at me and said, “Dad, what are you doing?”

Jeff’s message was very helpful in how to live a life of worship.  I can’t do an exact quote from today, but it was something to the effect of “If you can’t worship God Monday through Saturday, there’s doubt if you are truly able to worship him on Sunday.”

After his message, we sang “Worship You,” a song we composed to highlight a lifestyle of worship.

I am so thankful for watching how God is truly making this group of people a church.  This family is believing and living like we are the church not just coming to church.  They want to glorify God with their lives.  I am so amazed at the stories I am hearing every week of how the Holy Spirit is growing people up.

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