Mission: Proclaiming the Gospel Between Sundays

All of us as followers of Christ have been called to make the gospel known through the everyday course of our lives. Today’s service examined the motive, the message, and the method involved in fulfilling such a call.

We started our time together by singing “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go.”  I used a loop pedal to shape the song.  From there, we went right into “Go.”  At the end of “Go,” we had a video of one of our West Africa partners leading “Ni Zan Je” and we began to sing along with him.  We then went into a global party with light-up trash cans, 4 different languages, and a whole lot of fun.

After that, we had a time of prayer with one missionary praying in Hausa and another translating.  Love hearing other languages in prayer – reminds me of home!  During the offering, we watched this great video that IMB put together.

After the video, we got the privilege to commission our summer missionaries.  Hearing from them and the ability to pray over them was such an honor!  As we finished up the prayer time, we sang “Carry Your Name” which is such a powerful mission song.

Jeff shared a great sermon on how to be missionary everyday.  He preached from Ezek. 36 and 1 Thess. 2.  Our love for others should compel us to share the gospel and our lives with them.

We ended our service by singing “I Will Follow.”  It is so incredible watching people sing out these words passionately who I know are living this message out “Between Sundays.”  Love what Jesus is doing among us!

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