The Word

We started today’s services by singing “Overcome,” and “Forever.”  I love how God gets certain things across.  I had a plan for today’s services a long time ago, but some circumstances caused me to change some songs.  It wasn’t even until in the middle of the first service how God had woven all these songs and elements together (overcome, perseverance, forever, etc.). Love how he does what we are incapable of doing!

To set the sermon up, we watched a fantastic video called “True and Better” by Dan Stevers.

After the video, Ted and Peggy sang “Jesus Loves Me” reminding us that God’s love story was displayed in the person and work of Jesus and is the message of the Bible.

The Bible is not a collection of individual stories and treasured sayings.  It is the one overarching narrative of how Jesus is reconciling a people unto himself.   

In today’s message, I attempted to teach through the narrative of the Bible in one sermon.  I had the desire to do this a few years ago at a crusade I preached at, and I have done the message a few times, but it has always been a little different each time.

This time, I tried to make the visuals a little more engaging, but it is such an impossible task because I even changed some of them in between the services.

The goal was to move people’s understanding of the Bible from separate events and teachings to the one narrative of God’s plan of redemption.

While it is not a perfect offering, it is an offering.  It represents hours of my attempt to know God’s Word better in order to love him more.  And I pray that it allowed you to understand the story better and how we should live in light of all who God is and all that he has done.

We ended with the song, “When I Think About the Lord,” borrowing the words from Revelation desiring to give Jesus all the honor, all the glory, and all the praise.

I pray that our time in the Word causes you to worship Jesus and develop in you a longing to know the Word of God better.

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