Faith in the Darkness

It is not unusual for life to turn bleak and dark, if not even bitter, in a matter of moments. Blessings that God gives, and we are thankful for, can disappear without a moment’s notice. Such times call for a mature faith. This message examines what such a faith look like (Exodus 1:1-14).

I hated to be away from North Side today because: 1) it’s family, and 2) the service was pretty special.

I am preaching and leading worship at a Child Evangelism Fellowship Camp today, so we are having a great time but still miss these folks.

In addition to some great tunes going along with the focus of the service (you can see those below), we also had some intentional videos and the return of Lethco to the pulpit after 2 weeks out.  We started our series in “Exodus” today which I have been looking forward to for a long time!

Pray God used it in your life!

I checked the service out on my phone a few times throughout the morning.  What was crazy was in my message, I used the message of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and forgotten that Jeff was using it as well at the end of the service.  Love how God unites the Body of Christ together!

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