Fuge Camps Summer 2015

So excited to share that I will be working again with Fuge Camps in the Summer of 2015!

It’s been a few years since I worked with Fuge, but these camps have always held such a dear place to my heart.  As a camper, I grew tremendously in my walk with Christ at Centribreak and Centrifuge camps.

As a college student, I was blessed to serve at Carson Newman Centrifuge as a Missions Mobilizer and member of the band, and the following summer I got the privilege of serving as Camp Pastor for MFuge in St. Louis.

While I love serving at both of the camps, there is something unique about serving at a mission camp.  Pouring the Word into students in the morning and the evening and then watching them get a chance to actually live it out that week is incredible.

Every week of MFuge camp, I would encounter a youth group that was changing from camp to mission camp.  I would always have students talk about how they were disappointed they weren’t going to their old camp because it was so awesome and share how they weren’t excited about working.

And every week, that would change!  I would have students repent and apologize for their attitudes.  When a student gets infected with missions, it changes them forever.  Their view on their lives, camps, and service shifts dramatically.

I had the opportunity to serve the following summer but I was getting married and had a full-time job, and I simply couldn’t take a summer off anymore.

In recent years, they have added some flexibility so that camp pastors can serve in shorter terms and so I will be once again joining this great crew of folks.

While any week of any camp will be great, here is where I will be serving.

UPDATED: Mississippi College // Clinton, MS – July 5-9, 2015


Since I originally posted this, some camps have changed.  The first week in Kentucky was canceled.  Late school closings and such are making starts of camp difficult.  But I am now preaching at the Fuge Combo camp at Mississippi College.  This camp includes campers at Centrifuge, MFuge, X-Fuge, and X-Fuge on Mission.

You can sign up here.

Charleston Southern University // Charleston, SC – July 20-24, 2015



Based out of the historic Charleston, SC, CSU will house this week of MFuge and XFuge on Mission.  Worship leader for this camp will be Melodie White.  You can sign up here.

At both of these camps, there are actually 2 camps going on at one place.  You can pick either camp but the worship times will be united together.  Here is the difference between MFuge and XFuge on Mission:


At MFuge, you will jump into ministry with local communities and serve people in need. Our highly trained FUGE staffers will take care of the details, lead Bible study and facilitate the planning for each day. You and your students will get to invest your time and energy into a variety of mission projects.

Each MFuge location offers Children’s Ministry, Games & Recreation, Social Ministry and Painting/Construction/Yardwork. Specific locations offer Evangelism, Homeless Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, Peer Ministry and International Ministry (look under the location description to see options per location).

During the day your students will be challenged and stretched as individuals; in the evenings, you’ll have an opportunity to build group unity over dinner, worship, fellowships and church group devotions.

XFuge on Mission

XFuge on Mission is a customizable mission trip for your students built into a camp experience. Every morning starts with camp-wide worship before your group heads off to a ministry site chosen just for you.

XFuge on Mission gives your students the opportunity to serve side by side and build group unity. You also get to lead your group in Bible study (curriculum provided by FUGE).

Join Us

Would love for you and your youth group to join us!  While it is next summer, they are already taking reservations.  You can get more information on both camps and sign up here.


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  1. It was SUPER meeting you and your fam this week!! Your sermons were encouraging to our students and me!! When you were telling the last China story i looked at our youth told them he is going to the map and the girls were like do you know everything he preaches?! One of the things 2 of our girls said was they loved how i shared Ephesians 4:29 and then you preached on it the next day more in depth!! So thank you for pouring into them and me!! Also, for your prayers plus continued prayers!! 2 Thessalonians 3:1 i can’t wait to see Prayer Room!! i will continue to pray for you, Amanda and the kiddos!! Colossians 1:9-11 Feel free to have Amanda to text me if y’all have anything you would like others to pray for, Travis!! 🙂

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