The Plagues

Thursday, Jeff and I had lunch with a dear friend who is going through some very difficult times.  Looking for encouragement and hope, he said, “I’m coming to North Side on Sunday.  You better have an encouraging word for me!  What are you preaching on?”

Jeff and I looked at each other and immediately started laughing.

“We are focusing on the plagues this Sunday.  Yep, the 10 plagues of Exodus.  Be warmed and filled.”

While we all laughed about God’s timing, I couldn’t think of a better focus for my close friend or anyone else.  At first glance, it looks like bad timing, but when you look at the Word you see his incredible hand in timing.

The plagues God brought upon Egypt show us His passion for His word and His displeasure towards those who ignore it.

But it also shows that God can and will use any and every circumstance to make his name known to others.  He can even use our messed up hearts and/or our unfortunate circumstances so that he can be seen as glorious in our lives.

We began our services with baptism and then went into “Living Hope” and “Always.”

We watched an oldie but a goodie after that in the video of some of S.M. Lockridge’s words in his sermon “That’s My King.”

Before taking up the offering, Strutton led us in a time of prayer for Shake-n-Shine camp which begins tomorrow!

Continuing in our attempt to worship the LORD as great and majestic, we sang “The Greatness of God (Medley)” that I put together a while back.  Positioned around the piano, I try to weave all these songs together the best I can.  It is a medley of songs from years past that all tell the same message – our God is great.  Different times, different styles, but one message (that really is how we should view all worship music):

  • Doxology (1551)
  • Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (1665)
  • O, For a Thousand Tongues (1700s)
  • O, Worship the King (1815)
  • How Great Thou Art (1953)
  • Majesty (1981)
  • Great is the Lord (1982)
  • Awesome God (1988)
  • Shout to the Lord (1993)
  • Almighty (2014)

Last time we did, we sang “How Great Is Our God” in place of “Almighty.”  If you would like the chart for the song, I am attaching it here (I have lyrics but no chords, I play it how I am hearing it in the moment and therefore, it is different every time): The Greatness Of God (Worship Medley) – lyrics

Singing through “Almighty” at the end of the set was just a great way to prepare our hearts for the Word.  People were singing out and ready to go!

Jeff’s message was great.  It was on the plagues and yet it was encouraging.

It reminded me:

  1. God is in control.
  2. He is making his name known among all nations.
  3. Our job in life is to make his glory known to others.
  4. He can and he will use any means necessary to get our attention (and he has that right).
  5. He is even sovereign over the human heart.

Great day.  Great time together.

I would encourage you to come to Connect tonight if you are interested in what it means to be a part of North Side.

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