The Passover

Knee-deep in the Passover today.

God showed his power among the Israelites and the Egyptians with the plagues, and yet, in his final plague, he also showed his great mercy as he passed over the people who were covered by the blood of the sacrificial lamb.

We began today’s services by singing “Pass Me Not” and “Agnus Dei.”  Someone stated after today’s services, “Man, all the music really went well together with the message.  Do you plan it that way?”

Hmm….yes.  That’s the goal.  Do a word search on the lyrics to see how often “lamb” or “pass” was used.  You might be surprised.  At least people are getting why we pick out the music we do!

Cole Strickland then did a great monologue from the perspective of an Egyptian during the time of the plagues.  It helped bring us up to speed in the narrative of Exodus.  He ended so well on how the last plague was promised, and then we began to sing “Now Behold the Lamb.”

During offering, we watched the “True and Better” video which set the Passover up in light of the major narrative of the Bible.

Jeff’s message did such a great job showing the major narrative of the Bible at the role that the Passover played.  It showed such a powerful balance of God’s mercy and God’s wrath.  These two are so beautifully intertwined in the person of Jesus.

We observed this ritual by observing the Lord’s Supper which was first taken during the celebration of the Passover when Jesus led his disciples.

During the time of communion we sang “Were You There” and “Mercy.” The last song was a new one that we sang by Matt Redman.  Such wonderful summary lines for us today.

“May I never lose the wonder, oh the wonder of Your mercy, may I sing Your hallelujah, hallelujah, Amen.”

I do love the diversity of the services today.  The Body of Christ is diverse.  We are going to celebrate that and not condemn that.  We had a cappella music, hymns, Kirk Franklin, and about everything in between.  And it can work.  If it’s birthed out of the desire to display the Bible well.

Just a reminder that Connect is tonight at 6PM for anyone desiring more information concerning North Side membership.

I also wanted to share a picture of soundcheck today.  This is always where you will find Eli on Sunday mornings during soundcheck.  Love that boy.


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