Keep Calm and Carry On

God doesn’t always lead his people down the easiest path. When following the Lord becomes difficult, we can certainly depend on God to fight for us, but we have to keep moving forward by faith.

After watching a Shake-n-Shine recap video, Ben recognized Dylan Bailey who was award the Blackmon Scholarship.  You can read his powerful essay here.

We then sang “Let God Arise” and “Our God.”

We got to get into prayer groups and pray for our summer missionaries serving in Africa.  Such a special time to pray for them in their last couple of weeks.

In connection with that prayer time and the sermon, we sang “Desert Song” as we took of the offering.

I then read Exodus 15 — the worship song that Moses sang on the banks of the Red Sea right after they had been delivered.  After reading it, we sang “Amazing Grace” with a new thought on the line “my chains are gone, I’ve been set free.”

Jeff’s message was exceptional.  It was such a great reminder that when we are faced with obstacles, we can move forward believing that God will rescue us.

The world doesn’t need nervous Christians.

We need to be people who trust that our God can rescue us time and time again.

Love God’s Word and his church.

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