Defining the Relationship

Before God goes any further with His people, He makes sure that they understand how He sees their relationship. God’s relationship with Israel then defines His relationship with the church today.

We started the service by singing “Declare Your Praise,” “Awesome God,” and “Humble Yourselves.”  This set was meant to show how we are called out to be a kingdom of priests just like the people in Exodus 19.  It was also to set up the reverence with which we should approach God.

We then watched a recap video from Emerge.  Great job crew!

We then sang “Almighty” to prepare our hearts for the message.  Loved hearing our people sing out today!

Since I was asked concerning the instruments I used today, I used a strumstick on “Declare Your Praise” and the hammered dulcimer on “Humble Yourselves.”  We had bells, horns, and a bunch of other stuff on stage as well today.  Fun times!

Jeff gave a wonderful message today from Exodus 19:1-6.

Some of the takeaways I had from the time in the Word:

  • God is the initiator of the relationship.
  • How is that God calls me his “treasured possession?”
  • There’s a difference between relationship and fellowship.

After Jeff’s message, Michael George spoke on behalf of the elders to share some new directions for the church.  This has been a long process in the Word and in prayer, and I believe we are on the verge of some very exciting times at North Side.

I will share more in the days to come about it.  If you were there, you heard that my job is changing.  I couldn’t be more excited to be asked to be the Family and Worship Pastor at North Side.  I can’t wait to see all that God will do!  I will share more soon, but as for now, please join us for baptism and fellowship tonight at 7.  Hope to see you there!

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