Does Anybody Tremble Anymore?

One gets the impression that when God met with His people at Mt. Sinai, that it was a dangerous time.  Out of fear and respect for God, there was a prevailing sense of reverence and awe.  The people probably did actually tremble!  Does anybody still do that anymore?  Do you?

We began our time together focusing on living according to God’s will.  We sang “My Hope” and “Lay Me Down.”

We then had a great prayer time for all students, teachers, and faculty starting the new year.  We got in prayer groups and then had a faculty member pray for the students and a student pray for the faculty after each time of prayer.  Thank you to Chad, Peyton, and Maggie for leading us in prayer!

We also had the privilege to pray for Bill and Janet Horvath as this was their last Sunday.  They are leaving us to go up to Wisconsin and serve on staff at a church there.  Bill has served as an elder, shepherd, and so many other things, and Janet has served on our staff.  We love them and will miss them but can’t wait to see all that God continues to do through them!


We then sang “Make Me Holy” and “Trust and Obey” as we geared our hearts towards meeting with God and obeying his commandments.

Jeff’s message was so thick today.  I appreciate the demeanor in which he delivered it and I could tell that God had taught him before he had taught us.  Such a reminder of how we need to change our perspective when we come to meet with God.  I’m praying as an individual and as a worship pastor how to better focus my heart and our experiences together to facilitate that.

Reminder that the Peak Kickoff begins tonight!  Pray for these students!

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