No Other Gods

The Ten Commandments are a revelation of the very character of God. They reveal His righteousness and His expectations of His people in how those people relate to Him and to each other. The first commandment is the basis that the other nine are built upon. We are to have only one God.

Today was such a special day of worship.  As we began to focus upon the Ten Commandments, it was such a great time to remind ourselves to submit ourselves under the Almighty God.

We began our time of worship by singing “Lay Me Down” and “Doxology.”

I have to say that today I saw the effects of last week’s service.  People came early, sat closer, and were engaged from before the service started.  From my side of the service, the dynamic was completely different not due to the order of worship but the focus of the worshipers.  Don’t lose it!  It was so genuine and passionate.

In order to prepare our hearts to give the offering, we watched the “One Sacred Effort” video by IMB.  We are trying to help communicate with people what it is that we are giving to when we give to the church.  This video is a great reminder of how our gifts through the Cooperative Program are reaching all over the world.

As we began to take the offering, we had 3 generations from one family read Psalm 145.  A lot of people didn’t realize it but that was 3 generations of one family reading together.  As we proclaimed the oneness and the greatness of our God, I wanted to get the idea across of how, as a church family of families, we are to have “one generation will commend your acts to another.”  So thankful for the Pendleys’ playing a part in this today.

After that, we did a medley of sorts.  We started with the bridge from “No One Higher” and went into “Almighty” before going back into that bridge at the end.  Such a big way to praise our big God!  I thought the roof of the building was going to lift up!

Jeff’s message was fantastic.  It is such a great reminder concerning our God is what has our heart.  Every other commandment flows from this one.  Don’t emphasize grace or the Law so much to the detriment of the other.  We are redeemed by grace, yet we are still called to keep the Law.

Powerful, powerful day.

My heart was full pulling out after the music portion of the last service as I headed to preach in the prison.  As I drove off, I thanked God that today I saw a genuine hunger for the presence of God and not a group of spectators desiring to be entertained.

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