No Idols

While the first commandment from God tells us who we should worship, the second commandment tells us how we should worship. God expects His people to worship Him alone and in the right way.

Worship the right God in the right way.  That was the goal of today’s services.

We started out our time together with baptism.  We then sang “How Great Thou Art” and “Lord I Need You.”  I have seen such a difference still with people preparing their hearts for worship.  It’s pretty incredible to see the difference.

After a time of prayer, I read from Psalm 115 concerning idols and the worship of the one true God.  We then sang “You Are God Alone (Not a God)” and “Crown Him.”  Our attempt was to get people focusing on the greatness of our God and how any other god fails in comparison.

Jeff’s message was very thorough.  He dealt with the misunderstanding concerning the first two commandments all the way to generational curses and a few things in between!

We can’t put God in a box.  We need to worship him for who he is and not our version of him.  We don’t need to reduce him.

It reminded me of the quote that “God created man in his image and ever since then we have been trying to repay the favor.”

After the message, Heath came down to the floor to sing a song called “Clear the Stage.”  It is a song written by Ross King and Jimmy Needham recently covered.  It is a powerful, compelling, thought-provoking song that begs us to clear the stage of an idols heeding for our affections.  It was a neat visual to black everything out, keep it simple, and hear those words sung over us.  He then tagged “Heart of Worship” at the end of the song.

I have a link for the song (and all the songs from today) below and you can also hear it here with the lyrics:

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