Keep His Name Holy

One of the greatest treasures God has given us is his name.  God’s name is an expression of who he is.  How we use God’s name is an expression of what we think of him.

Today’s services were so special from the beginning to the end!  My heart is so full on what Jesus is doing among us!  He is unifying a people for the glory of his name to be proclaimed in this city and to the ends of the earth!  I was literally moved to tears in the last service today singing out with this family.  God is on the move.  No one can take the credit for it.

We began our services by singing “We Rejoice.”  Since the name of the Lord was our focus, we really focused on that in every song (“I’ll suffer for your name”).  After focusing on Phil. 2:5-11, we sang “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.”

During offertory, we sang “Praise the Name of Jesus.”  Tammy Haynes then got up to do a spoken word on “What This Church Means to Me.”  It was so powerful to hear her heart concerning this church’s main focus – lifting up the name of Jesus.  As she went through her piece, we moved into “All to Us.”  So powerful to sing “Let the glory of your name be the passion of the Church” with this diverse family who believe what they are singing.

Jeff’s message on the 3rd commandment was one of the most honest and powerful message I have ever heard.  He spoke very candidly concerning how he has broken this commandment and how God has been convicting him on it.

Six major ways that people break the 3rd commandment:

  1. Profanity
  2. Carelessness
  3. False Promises
  4. Personal Gain
  5. Mindless Worship
  6. Claim to be a Christian (carry his name) and don’t live like it

After a thick message on the holiness of God and his name, we sang “Glorify Thy Name,” and it was simply breathtaking to hear the congregation sing out so loud and so true.

After service, we had our largest college lunch we have ever had.  It was incredible connecting with these college students.

Can’t wait to have NSU at 5 and group at 6.  Kingdom stuff!

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