The Sabbath

Jesus taught that man was not made for the Sabbath, but that the Sabbath was made for man. This message will examine not only the fourth commandment, but the great blessing that comes from keeping it.

Today was a great day as we focused on the faithfulness of our God.  We started our services with baptism.  I love watching fathers baptize their children!  After that, we sang “Sing and Shout” with a tag of “Nothing But the Blood” and “In the Sanctuary.”  Exciting truths for excited people!

We then broke into prayer groups to share ways God had been faithful to us and then pray thanking God for his faithfulness.

We sang “He’s Always Been Faithful” during the offertory, then went into “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “Enter His Gates.”  The crux of this worship time was the faithfulness of God so that we could trust him regarding the Sabbath.

I heard many comments today concerning 1) the eclectic musical nature of our songs, and 2) the intentionality concerning what songs we sang.  We take both of those things very seriously!

In Jeff’s message, he taught the complexities of the Sabbath in a New Testament context.  The simple conclusion is that God gave the Sabbath as a gift to help us rest and reflect and experience renewal.  We need to slow down and remember God’s faithfulness and goodness.

At the conclusion of the message, Tracey sang a song by Audrey Assad called “Restless.”  I had already finished this service’s plans when I came upon this gem of a song.  I quickly changed the plans and had church in our house when I first heard it.  My children all came around to see why Dad was making so much racket, then they wanted to hear it again!

It is beautiful and summarizes the morning for us: “I am restless till I rest in You, O God.”

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