Honor Your Father and Your Mother

The first commandment with a promise attached to it is “Honor your father and your mother.”  This message will examine what such honor looks like and how it is to be carried out today.

Such a great joy to start our services with baptism again!  Loved hearing the stories of how God is changing lives.  Even while today’s message was on honoring parents, I had the privilege to meet with someone during services today who received Christ!  Love watching all that God is doing!

We worshiped to “Sing and Shout” and “Cornerstone” which is a new song for our congregation, but you never would have known that by the way everyone was singing it out!

During offertory, we promoted this Saturday’s Family Night!  We would love for you to come!

After talking about the family, we sang some songs as prayers concerning our families.  We sang “Your Home” and “Lord I Need You.”

Jeff’s message on honoring parents was so helpful.  This is a commandment for children, and we are all someone’s child!  This isn’t the commandment just for toddlers!

We can show grace to our parents, we can help care for our parents, and we can honor them to a place of significance in our lives even as we grow older.

There is no exception clause concerning this commandment.  In fact, it is mentioned often throughout the Bible.

One great comment he made was concerning the aging of people.  He said that oftentimes, people view senior adults as either naturally more godly or simply useless.  Both of those are incorrect!  But as our parents grow, it is a great way to honor God by honoring our parents.

Danita Williams shared an incredible testimony of how God taught her this truth in the last 8 years of her life as she cared for her aging mother.  Her mother passed a couple of weeks ago, but Danita knew that she had honored God by honoring her mother and now also believes that she is in heaven.

One of her last lines was, “Danita, Jesus knows my name.”

We sang “He Knows My Name” to conclude our services and it was a special day all around!  Praying that we can further apply these truths as our families come together on Saturday night for Family Night!

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