No Murder

We focused on the sixth commandment today, and I was simply overwhelmed at the presence of God among us today.

The sixth commandment commands us not to murder but also implies that we should give life.  Jesus reveals the heart nature of the issue and leaves us all in need of evaluation.

We started our time together by singing “Lay Me Down” and “We Rejoice.”  These songs were led to help set our hearts in a right place that we need to let go of our pride and rejoice even in suffering.  We are not to take matters into our own hands but trust God’s plan and timing.

After watching a great testimonial video from Addison Ridgeway, one of our summer missionaries, Jeff came up for a budget presentation.  Explaining why we do what we do and how all of our personal finances and the church’s finances belong to God, we took a vote on next year’s budget.  It was such a testimony to God’s faithfulness and the generosity of our congregation.

We then sang “Hallelujah! O What a Savior” and “Christ Be All Around Me” as a unique medley.  The first hymn we kept very simple instrumentation but the vocals did a haunting and powerful a cappella section at the end.  By the time we got to sing “your life, your death, your blood was shed for every moment,” I thought the church was going to sing the roof off the building.  Such a special time of worship and great setup into the message.

Your life, your death, your blood was shed for every moment.

In Jeff’s message, he talked about the 6th commandment in relation to hunting, capital punishment, wars, suicide, abortion, euthanasia, and anger.  Made in the image of God, we are not to kill anyone with that image stamped upon them.

Jesus showed how the heart was paramount to our understanding.  We are not just to abstain for murder, but we are to flee from the anger that leads us to murder.  We need to seek reconciliation with anyone with whom there is disharmony.

Special time together indeed.  So thankful for Jesus, his Word, and his Church.

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  1. Travis, “We rejoice” has been playing through my mind and heart all week! That even though we may be suffering now we are to rejoice! Another example of how God uses the ministry at North side to s p raj to His people! Thank you for following God’s leading!

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