Harvestfest 2014

Such a wonderful time at Harvestfest 2014!  I was honored to be able to work with a team to lead worship there again this year.  I love this event because many churches work together and it’s all one big family!

Jay Hardwick and the worship team did a fantastic job.  Cole’s monologue was on point.  The extra musicians and groups were great!

Those that cooked, served, cleaned, and so many other wonderful tasks that weren’t on a stage were the real heroes!  They welcomed and served thousands of people to the event.

It was great to watch people come down front at the invitation to receive Christ!  It makes it all worthwhile!

Pray the excitement and energy tonight with the big “C” Church will be experienced all over this week as the little “c” churches do life together!

Harvestfest 2014. Great night. Love watching Jesus transform people! Honored to lead worship tonight with such a solid and gifted team! #Harvestfest2014

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