No Stealing

The Agnews took a vacation this week and so we got to watch Sunday’s service on my phone as we were driving down the interstate.  It was so incredible to be led by such a great crew and to hear the Word proclaimed in so many ways.

Powerful times!

I love getting encouraging emails (even when I wasn’t the one leading).  One such email I received this week was from a worship leader from Alabama who was visiting with us on Sunday.  He stated:

This past Sunday I took off and was able to “attend” church for the first time all year – a sad reality for us types.. I was glad to see you got your week off as well, but sad we didn’t get to see you lead with your team!

I walked away very impressed and excited for North Side, not because the music or preaching was on point (which it was), but because I saw your community worship. It was refreshing to step away from my weekly context and see a body of believers worshipping. As my pastor put last week, Christians should not walk away from a service rating the skill of music and preaching but asking how well the community worshipped in the service. It was very tangible for me to see and wanted to encourage you with that.

That’s some of the most encouraging words a pastor can receive!  Amen and amen!

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