No Coveting

We finished up the 10 Commandments today in our “Exodus” study.  As we approached the “No Coveting” service, I prayed about how to lead worship in light of this command.  I thought about how I fight against a consumeristic tendency in my heart and how I try to steer that away for others.  As a result of that, I decided to pull it way back and be very simple in the worship leading today.

Regardless of what worship style we use any given Sunday, I desire our church to be content in what we have.

For the majority of the worship service, it was simply me on piano and a congregation of singers worshiping the Lord. It was simple.  It was unlike what most Sundays are (not the others are bad, but just different).  It was so encouraging to hear people sing out in worship.

As a church, we should be more concerned with your edification than we are your entertainment.

You can check out the song list below.  It looks like a lot but many of them were in a medley of sorts.

We also highlighted our Homes for Hope meeting which is coming up quickly!

Jeff’s message was great.  He did a wonderful job of recapping the commandments and showing that coveting is at the root of every act of disobedience.

After the message, we sang a new song by Keith and Kristyn Getty entitled, “My Worth Is Not In What I Own.” It is such a powerful declaration of this biblical truth!  Angela did a great job singing it!



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