The Golden Calf & the Glorious Savior

Powerful day in the Word as we focused on The Golden Calf and the Glorious Savior.

In addition to some eclectic and powerful worship music (We Exalt Thee, No One Like Our God, You Are Good, My Jesus I Love Thee, Almighty), we got to highlight our Homes for Hope meeting and the announcement of the recommendation for our new Discipleship Pastor.

Jeff’s message was powerful as we studied Exodus 32.  Some of my notes from the message:

  • How quickly can we become impatient.
  • One of the greatest enemies of faith is impatience.  The perceived delay of God leads us to consider acting upon temptation.
  • They are God’s people in their rescue, they are Moses’ people in their sin.
  • Moses’ appeal: 1) They are your people, 2) Your name should be great among the nations, 3) Remember your promises.  He did not appeal to their character or their performance.
  • In this moment, the mediator whom they had forgotten about is standing before God on their behalf pleading for their salvation.
  • Aaron’s excuse is just as comical as the ones I give to God to try to justify my sin.
  • Sin begets sin.
  • Moses drawing the line is an invitation to repentance.
  • Those that repent receive mercy, those that refuse receive wrath.

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