The Tabernacle

Our God is with us.

Are there greater words to celebrate?  We focused on the tabernacle today and what a joy to celebrate the presence of God.

We began our services by singing “Lay Me Down” and “Cornerstone.”

After a prayer time led by Jeff, we were reminded about the Project Love Christmas drive, and took a vote of affirmation for our new Discipleship Pastor, Dick Williams.  What exciting times!

We then sang “Come Thou Fount” and introduced the 2nd song from “The Word” project entitled “Our God Is With Us.”  The song looks at the often-repeated phrase through the lives of Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, and David (among others).  It was incredible to hear people sing out with passion at their first introduction to it.  With all the songs we have written so far, this one is one of my favorites because I can’t think of a greater promise!

Jeff’s message was so helpful.  Pointing out the fact that God told Moses to take the people of Israel without him and Moses refused was amazing.  Moses knew that the promises of God, the provision of God, and the protection of God was not enough – he wanted the presence of God.

Oh, and how I long for a day when we have to tell people to stop giving to the work because we have way too much!

We ended the services with “Better Is One Day” from Psalm 84.

Love God’s presence among us.

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