Looking Back

Sometimes, as a pastor, I dread rainy Sundays.  It seems like it makes people less likely to engage.

It was not that way today!  Both services were ready to get after it and worship our holy God.  Powerful times.

We started our services by singing “Here for You” and “You Are Holy.”  Studying through the last section of Exodus, I kept seeing how the holiness of God was highlighted and wanted to really emphasize that through our services today.

We then got to see a great homemade video from Africa by the Wolfes.  It was great to hear and see them today and then to huddle up in prayer groups to pray over them.  I texted Taylor a picture of the prayer groups and he was so and humbled and appreciative that “North Side is not behind us but you guys are with us.”

We then sang “Our God Is With Us,” “Holy Holy Holy,” and “Revelation Song.”  These big declarations of the holiness of God was such a special time of worship.

Jeff’s message was so helpful as he pointed out the grace of our God and also his expectation that we will obey.  I loved hearing the passion in his voice has he proclaimed the mystery and wonder of the gospel.

Such special times – I am honored to be around and watch God at work!  I will echo Jeff’s words as he blessed the congregation today like Moses did – I can think of no greater word to hear than to hear that our church is obeying God’s Word!  Amen and amen!

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back”

  1. Travis, I want you to know how much I personally get out of the services at North Side! I have never in my life been able, until just recently, ben able to truly experience what it means to have a true, deep, and growing relationship with my redeemer. I would never have come to know this, were it not for my church family. I am sitting here listening to “Revelation Song” on Youtube right now, and almost moved to tears. Thanks and God Bless you, the worship team, and my church family…I love y’all more than words can convey!!!

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