The Message and the Messenger

Special day of services.  We started our time with baptism.  After baptism, we started our services with CeCe Winans’ rendition of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”  I have always loved this arrangement, and we had a group of ladies that sang this song 4 years ago with canned accompaniment.  The arrangement is pretty complex, but I had confidence that our band could cover this gospel song.  The ladies and the band did a great job!

We then sang “O Come All Ye Faithful” which is one of my favorite Christmas worship songs.  The Sharpes then did our mission offertory focus via video from Africa.  It was great to have some Hausa and English prayers!

We then sang “Winter Snow” and “The First Noel.”  Everyone did such a great job today!  Our worship setlist consisted of gospel, country rock, jazz, and an acoustic hymn.  I love celebrating diversity in our services!

Jeff’s message was so good as we focused on 2 Cor. 4:7.  Some things to note:

  • Don’t value the vessel more than the treasure inside it.
  • The power is in the message not the messenger.
  • No matter our weaknesses, we should take the gospel to others.

He made some great application points as we can share the good news with others this Christmas season.

Just a reminder that you can join Jeff for Connect tonight at 6!

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