1 Week of Bible Study and Songwriting

I have been pretty slack as of late on the blog, but I promise I haven’t been lazy.  The last few weeks have been full of the conclusion of Lander’s semester, involved family ministry planning, special events I got to be a part of, and some serious songwriting for the upcoming project entitled “The Word.”

“The Word” is a worship event we are doing Easter weekend in which we will tell the grand narrative of the Bible.

I had some self-imposed deadlines for me this week and it helped me tremendously get to where we are currently.

I have never been so excited about a group of songs or about this unique way we will be able to share God’s Word through a worship service and CD.

In the last week, I have been in the Word hours upon hours and I have watched at how God has put things together in such a unique way.  In the last week, I have written in my recliner by the fire in the morning, at the church, in a hotel room, in my truck, and in random places all over South Carolina!  My notes and voice memos have been crazy!

The words and the music are coming together to be a special group of songs.

I have literally found myself lost in worship over the last week and unable to finish certain sections due to the simple overwhelming reality of God’s goodness displayed in his Word.

We set out to have the core of the project be 7 songs from the Old Testament and 7 songs from the New Testament.  While we are still tweaking, I am overwhelmingly ecstatic to be able to report that 13 are near completion.  I have saved the last song until now to get a good picture of how we need to end the project.

Listening through the songs last night in order was pretty special because I am able to see the progression in two different ways:

  1. This project tells the biblical story chronologically.  It attempts to tell the major themes of the Bible.
  2. This project advances musically with the time in which each piece covers.  It feels like it musically is going through hundreds of years.

Song Themes

While there are still tweaking left to do, the 14 major tracks focus on these major themes of the Bible:

  1. Creation
  2. Fall
  3. Exodus
  4. God With Us
  5. National Worship
  6. Prophets
  7. Exile
  8. Incarnation
  9. Jesus’ Ministry
  10. The Passion of the Christ
  11. Pentecost
  12. Growth of the Church
  13. The Epistles
  14. Revelation

Here’s How You Can Join Us

I can’t wait to share with you more in the coming days, but right now, I want to ask you to consider three things for me:

  1. Can you put the date on your calendar and plan on coming to the Word in April?
  2. Can you pray for this project that God would continue to guide it?
  3. Would you like to join us for a chronological Bible-reading plan?  I will be posting a plan that will start on Christmas day for those that would like to join our team.  Details to come in a few days.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!