Good News in Bad Times

Our third week in the “Good News” series was a special time!

We started out our time together with a few announcements, then by singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “Come Lord Jesus (Wonderful Counselor).”  While the second song was new to many, people were singing out so much.  It was great!

We then had a great offertory emphasis time led by the Hills in Ghana.  Great to hear and see that crew.

We sang “Peace on Earth” to a backdrop of images going on through our world.  Such a great reminder that even when the world is falling a part, we still can experience the peace that God provides.

We then had a commissioning time for our two teams leaving in just a few short days.  I love how God brought each of these people to our church and love watching how he put these teams together.  Having a time to pray over them was very special.  I love how eager our people are to pray and just seeing the family that God has provided here.

As we were commissioning them, we sang “Go Tell It on the Mountain” to a slower pace and it was a moving song/prayer for our teams as we sent them out.

Jeff’s message was a great reminder that the gospel is still good news even through bad times.  2 Corinthians 4 has been a rich place to camp out this month.

I was so thankful for the Banks’ family and their willingness to share their story.  All I heard was sniffling through the crowd as we watched the story and heard a great testimony of people trusting in God’s goodness.

I can remember being with Wyatt in the Greenville Hospital in the early hours of the crisis, and I cried as I prayed over this family and watching how content and chipper Wyatt was throughout the entire ordeal.  He is a precious gift to the Banks’ family and the North Side family.  God has plans for him and is already using that smile in numerous ways!

Don’t forget to join us for our Christmas Eve service!

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