Christmas Eve Service – 2014

Still giddy about our Christmas Eve service!  With a packed house, I was overwhelmed at the lavish worship offering that our family gave to Jesus tonight.  It was a beautiful night.

We started our communion time with a flute choir playing some gorgeous Christmas tunes.  We eventually went into “Come Lord Jesus (Wonderful Counselor)” at the end of the communion time.

I reminded everyone about our Bible reading plan that begins tomorrow, hope you can join us here tomorrow!

We then sang a bunch of worship music throughout the night (you can check out a list and take a listen of the tunes down below).

The music was eclectic to say the least.  We had about every genre possible.  We did original tunes, Cece Winans, Pentatonix (it was funny seeing everyone’s expression when we started, it was as if they were saying, “are you guys really about to attempt this?”), and much more.

I pushed our band this month but they pulled out every single song and did it with excellence (Ps. 33:3).  I thought every single element was done with passion and detailed excellence.  I am so honored to serve alongside them!

We framed the service around some Good News segments where people got to “eavesdrop” on what people were thinking tonight.  We had people stand up and we had prerecorded their lines before the service.  We brought them back up at the end of the service and it went better than we hoped it would as people just began to stand up and worship all over the house.

Thanks to our wonderful Scripture readers, our wonderful tech team, and our wonderful pastor who just preached out of the overflow tonight (Matt. 12:34).

I think tonight was one of the best, most thoughtful, most prepared worship events our church has ever done.  I am so thankful to so many people who made tonight special.

And not saying what songs, but we will be repeating some of the tunes on Sunday morning.  Hope to see you at 9:30 or 11!

Worship Music

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