The Word Bible Reading Plan (Christmas to Good Friday)

On April 3-4, 2015, North Side Worship will lead a time of worship through a unique event entitled “The Word.”  Through the event, we will teach the grand narrative of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and worship along the way.

  • For those who don’t know the biblical narrative, this event will be a great introduction.
  • For those who know the narrative somewhat, this event will put many of the pieces together.
  • For those who know the narrative well, this event will cause you to celebrate the redemptive plan of God seen through Scriptures.

So our team developed a study of the pivotal passages of the Bible, and I would like to invite you to join us.

We wanted to end day 100 on Good Friday when we begin our Easter weekend worship events, and we were amazed at the calendar for this year.

If day 100 is Good Friday, day 1 will be Christmas.

We are not that smart to plan that out.  It wouldn’t work in any other calendar year, but it works with this one.  Good thing I don’t believe in coincidences!

If you want to get a good grasp on the biblical narrative, what better day to start than Christmas?  As we read through the Bible together, we will land on the final day celebrating the culmination of Jesus’ redemptive plan throughout history and long for the day when he creates the new heaven and the new earth!

I love it when Jesus has a plan.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the 100 Day Word Bible Reading Plan:

  • 50 days in Old Testament reading
  • 50 days in New Testament reading
  • Chronological in approach (which means skipping around in books since the Bible is not organized chronologically)
  • Writings attached to narratives (We read Psalm 51 after David’s sin with Bathsheba, we read Galatians 1-2 before the Jerusalem Council, reading through a letter of Paul following along what city he was in when he most likely wrote it, etc.) to get fuller picture
  • Days are fairly balanced in amount of reading (I attempted to make it manageable without losing the full beauty of pieces of the narrative; shortest will be less than one chapter, longest will be reading through all 4 smaller chapters of Malachi in one day)
  • There are built-in days with lower volume of reading to help you catch up
  • We will begin on Christmas Day, Thursday, Dec. 25, 2014
  • Ends on Good Friday, April 3, 2015
  • Even if you start and get bogged down, don’t quit, or even if you start late, it’s all good, the point is to get in the Word

A Plan is Better Than No Plan

I told our band this and I will tell you this as well, if you have a plan, I’m not asking you to stop it.

If you don’t have a plan, my line of thinking is it’s better to have a plan rather than no plan.

It’s better to have a plan rather than no plan.

I’ve also been encouraged by missionaries serving overseas that are going to use this as their personal devotional.  I know people who are without a plan decide that 100 days is a manageable goal that they are going to attempt.  I’ve had parents say they are going to use this for family devotions.

Some of our members are in a plan right now, and they are going to press pause on their plan to join us in this endeavor, and then jump back into their previous plan once we complete this one.

If you are without a Bible reading direction right now, we would love to have you join us.

The Word Plan 2.001

Download the Word Bible Reading Plan PDF here: 100-Day Bible Reading Plan Schedule

You can also view the list below.  We would love for you to join us through this Bible reading plan and to celebrate the Word on Easter weekend.

Daily Plan

  1. Creation: Gen. 1-2
  2. Fall: Gen. 3
  3. Cain and Abel: Gen. 4
  4. Flood: Gen. 6:5-22Gen. 7Gen. 9:1-17
  5. Babel: Gen. 11:1-9
  6. The Call of Abram: Gen. 12:1-20
  7. The Covenant with Abram: Gen. 15:1-21Gen. 18:1-21
  8. Issac: Gen. 21:1-7Gen. 22:1-19
  9. Jacob and Esau: Gen. 25:19-34Gen. 27
  10. Jacob to Israel: Gen. 28:10-22Gen. 32:22-32
  11. Joseph’s Dreams: Gen. 37
  12. Joseph’s Perseverance: Gen. 39Gen. 40
  13. Joseph’s Position: Gen. 41Gen. 42
  14. Joseph’s Provision: Gen. 43Gen. 44
  15. Joseph’s Forgiveness: Gen. 45Gen. 46:1-7Gen. 50:15-26
  16. The Early Years of Moses: Ex. 1Ex. 2
  17. The Burning Bush: Ex. 3Ex. 4:1-17
  18. God Promises Deliverance: Ex. 6:1-13Ex. 7:1-13
  19. The Passover: Ex. 11Ex. 12:1-32
  20. The Exodus: Ex. 12:33-42Ex. 13:17-22Ex. 14Ex. 15:1-21
  21. The Ten Commandments: Ex. 19Ex. 20:1-17
  22. The Golden Calf: Ex. 32Ex. 33Ex. 34
  23. The Rock: Ex. 17:1-7Num. 20:2-13
  24. The Wanderings: Deut. 1:19-46Deut. 2:1-25Deut. 6:1-15
  25. The Death of Moses: Deut. 32:44-52Deut. 34
  26. Be Strong and Courageous: Josh. 1
  27. The Battle of Jericho: Josh. 5:13-15Josh. 6
  28. Choose This Day: Josh. 24:14-31Judg. 2:6-23
  29. The Priest Samuel: 1 Sam. 11 Sam. 2:1-111 Sam. 3
  30. Request for a King: 1 Sam. 8
  31. King Saul: 1 Sam. 91 Sam. 10
  32. David and Goliath: 1 Sam. 161 Sam. 17
  33. King David: 2 Sam. 52 Sam. 62 Sam.7
  34. Songs of David: Ps. 23Ps. 103
  35. David and Bathsheba: 2 Sam. 112 Sam. 12:1-15Ps. 51
  36. King Solomon: 1 Kings 1:28-531 Kings 21 Kings 3
  37. The Wisdom of Solomon: Prov. 3Ecc. 2
  38. The Temple: 1 Kings 8:1-611 Kings 9:1-9
  39. The Division: 1 Kings 11:1-131 Kings 12:1-24
  40. The Prophet Elijah: 1 Kings 181 Kings 19:1-18
  41. Warnings of Judgment: Jer. 1Jer. 2
  42. The Fall of Israel: Amos 52 Kings 17:1-23Hosea 6
  43. King Josiah: 2 Kings 222 Kings 23:1-3
  44. The Fall of Judah: Jer. 29:1-142 Chron. 36
  45. Sent to Exile: Lam. 3:1-45Ps. 137
  46. Promises of God’s Faithfulness: Is. 40Ezek. 36:22-38Ezek. 37
  47. Life in Exile: Dan. 1Dan. 6
  48. Rebuilding the Temple: Ezra 1Haggai 1Ezra 3:8-13
  49. Rebuilding the Wall: Neh. 1Neh. 2Neh. 8:1-12
  50. The Great Day of the Lord: Mal. 1Mal. 2Mal. 3Mal. 4
  51. The Word – John 1:1-18
  52. The Coming Messiah: Luke 1
  53. The Birth of Jesus: Luke 2:1-40Matt. 2:1-12
  54. Prepare the Way: Luke 3:1-20John 1:19-51
  55. Ministry Beginnings: Luke 4:1-30Mark 2:1-12
  56. Follow Me: Luke 5:1-11Luke 6:12-19
  57. Sermon on the Mount – Part 1: Matt. 5
  58. Sermon on the Mount – Part 2: Matt. 6Matt. 7
  59. For God So Loved: John 3
  60. Parables of the Kingdom: Matt. 13
  61. Bread of Life: Matt. 14John 6:22-71
  62. Parables of the Lost: Luke 15
  63. Triumphal Entry: Matt. 21
  64. The Last Supper: Luke 22:1-30John 13
  65. Parting Teachings: John 14John 15
  66. The High Priestly Prayer: John 16John 17
  67. Arrest of Jesus: Luke 22:31-46John 18
  68. Crucifixion: John 19
  69. Resurrection: John 20
  70. Ascension: Matt. 28:11-20Acts 1:1-11
  71. Pentecost: Acts 2
  72. The Church Grows: Acts 3Acts 4
  73. Stephen the First Martyr: Acts 6Acts 7
  74. Persecution: Acts 8
  75. Damascus: Acts 9:1-31
  76. No Partiality: Acts 10
  77. Paul’s First Missionary Journey: Acts 13Acts 14
  78. Faith: James 1James 2
  79. The Jerusalem Council: Gal. 1Gal. 2Acts 15
  80. More Missionary Journeys: Acts 16Acts 171 Thess. 5
  81. Paul in Ephesus: Acts 20:17-381 Cor. 13:1-132 Cor. 5
  82. The Righteousness of God: Rom. 1Rom. 8
  83. Gaining Christ: Phil. 2Phil. 3
  84. The Supremacy of Christ: Col. 1
  85. Saved by Grace: Eph. 2
  86. The Quality of Leaders: 1 Tim. 31 Tim. 6:3-21
  87. Every Good Work: Titus 3
  88. Living Hope: 1 Pet. 12 Pet. 3
  89. Paul’s Defense: Acts 26Acts 27
  90. Soldier of Christ Jesus: 2 Tim. 22 Tim. 3
  91. Paul in Rome: Acts 28
  92. The Sacrifices of Christ: Heb. 9Heb. 10
  93. The Great Cloud of Witnesses: Heb. 11Heb. 12
  94. Walking in the Light: 1 John 11 John 2
  95. The Vision: Rev. 1
  96. The 7 Churches: Rev. 2-3
  97. The Throne: Rev. 4-5
  98. The Great Multitude: Rev. 7
  99. Rejoicing in Heaven: Rev. 19-20
  100. The New Heaven and New Earth: Rev. 21-22

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  1. Travis, this is not “my way” of reading, but I was baited with the Jesus’ birth to His resurrection connection. Weeeellll… It is amazing how God is speaking to me right where I am – through GENESIS, of all places!!! That is the last book I would “choose” to read this time of year. Overwhelmed by “His way” for this season in my life! Thanks for following the Spirit’s leading & for offering this to all of us! I’M IN!! HOOK, LINE, & SINKER!

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